Trigger Vale Polls

Poll ewe with triplets
Poll Lambing 2013

The TRIGGER VALE Polls Benefits……


1. TRUE DUAL PURPOSE MATERNAL focus in breeding program. Trigger Vale has had a very heavy wieghting in our breeding program on growth, fat, muscle and Number of Lambs Weaned ASBV's. (Click here for genetic trends graphs). Industry research highlights these characteristics as vital for improving lamb survival between birth and weaning.

a. Polled
b. Wrinkle free
c. Big frame and pelvis and small birth weights result in minimal lambing problems.
d. Quiet temperament.
e. Open face – wool blindness isn’t a problem.

3. WOOL heavy cutting, high yielding stylish 19-22 micron Merino wool.

4. The Balance of HIGH GROWTH, MUSCLE and MATERNAL FAT results in fast growing, high yielding lambs with great meat eating quality levels.

a. Build genetic progress over time
b. Minimise opportunity to introduce disease
c. Don’t have the time and financial penalties of sourcing replacement ewes

6. VERY FERTILE high conception rates and great mothering ability

7. OBJECTIVE MEASUREMENTSPerformance testing (using the world’s largest and most developed sheep database – Merinoselect) over 18 years results in proven genetic progress in the traits that drive profitability
a. Increased weaning percentages
b. Increased growth rates
c. Increased wool cuts, staple strength and length
d. Decreasing micron

8. A large and growing client base can’t be wrong.

9. Over 60 years of continuous breeding and selection pressure results in animal breeding true to type. You get what you see.

10. INDEPENDENTLY CLASSED and assessed by industry leading stud classer Michael Elmes ensures sheep remain true to type and structurally sound.

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2020 Poll Merino Catalogue can be downloaded by clicking below the green button.


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